The Need For Knit

November 8, 2011

Looks like I am having way too much fun being all wrapped up in different textures and patterns... cable knit long sweater, holey knit pullover, ribbed knit scarf, pointelle knit tights, floral corduroy shorts, floral tapestry bag, and crochet booties! Honestly, I did not realize I have so many kinds of knit going on until just now as I am writing this... and I love it!
Thrifted vintage lavender long duster sweater.
Holey sweater by Cotton Candy from my work Sway.
Floral corduroy shorts by Calendar from my work Sway.
Vintage tapestry and leather bag from Dirty Birdies Vintage.
Cream metallic knit circle scarf from Hong Kong.
Pointelle knit tights from F21.
Crochet booties by Mixx from NastyGal.
Rings from F21 and ebay.

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