Time Stands Still

August 18, 2011

I have a love hate relationship with Santa Cruz. I hate how there is nothing going on here, opportunity wise. I can't wait til I move back up to the bay so I can get back into styling. I do, however, love all the beautiful and interesting spots. This is just one of the many old abandoned bridges and it was a perfect day for a flowy maxi. Seems like summer is just starting over here...

There are three things in life that are close to my heart... my other half, my cats, and my clothes. :) I have two kitty cats, the little one below is the ultimate mama's boy.

Audrey polkadot maxi dress from my work Sway.Crochet vest from f21.
Vintage 70s white sandals.
Vintage tapestry and leather bag from Dirty Birdies Vintage.
Vintage turquoise belt from etsy.
Sunglasses from f21.
Engagement ring and ring from f21.


  1. Yay for the Boardwalk!!! I've thought about taking photos there too. Must do it some day.

    I definitely understand what you mean about Santa Cruz. On one hand, it's absolutely beautiful, but on the other hand, there is NOTHING going on compared to San Francisco, or even San Jose.

  2. great dotty dress! and your kitty is too precious

  3. what a cute blog! the bag looks great! LOVE that you LOVE it! you also have such a cute kitty! jamie and jenna @ dirtybirdiesvintage.com


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