Spinning on a Carousel

July 5, 2011

This vintage dress reminds me of the carnival! Everytime I put it on, I must wear my carousel horse necklace with it. They are the perfect pair. I love the colorful yet muted stripes on this dress as well as the two white trims that go down the front and back with tiny wooden buttons... it's anything but ordinary. It was originally a maxi dress but I hemmed it short, all those stripes would be too overwhelming and I think it's cuter as a mini dress! As for the necklace, I had found this little carousel horse somewhere a long time ago and I decided to make it into a necklace. Oh and how I adore this well-structured hair bow I got from H&M this past weekend, though I don't think my ombre hair looks right in braids...
Vintage stripes mini dress.
Handmade carousel horse necklace.
Hair bow from H&M.
Vintage navy t-strap flats from etsy.


  1. cute necklace! and i like the braid and bow! if you want the structured bow to offset the braid and ombre, just pull the pieces (the sides) so that it loosens up. super cute!
    ps: is that a heart on your pinky??

  2. thanks jennie! yea i agree... a messier braid would be better! and yes that's a heart on my pinky :)

  3. I'm in love with that dress! So cute. It's very eclectic.


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