More Room Please!

July 28, 2011

We recently moved to a new apartment so that I can have an extra room to hold of my clothes but it is already packed!!! I tried to get a panoramic view of it, got cut up a little funny, but you get the idea.

I ended up only getting one big shoe shelf for now, the shoes on there are my favorite shoes, mostly chunky heels and platforms, the "bigger" shoes. Miu Miu, Celine, Jeffrey Campbell, etc. etc. All the boxes you see in the closet (on the floor and up above), those are all shoes! I don't know where else to put them!

All the dresses are all the left side of the closet. Tops/skirts are on the right. Storage unit on the far right are sweaters/cardigans, the one next to it are shorts. Then I have an extra rack on the other side of the shoe shelf holding my winter coats (and that's not all of it i have coats stashed under the bed and everywhere else). :/ And lastly, there are more boxes of clothes and piles of clothes to the right that still need to be organized!

More room please!


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